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Do you develop new business value by expanding your clients’ existing markets or entering new ones? Browse
Do you provide field sales force services for opening doors and conducting direct personal sales of products and services to B2B customers? Browse
Do you offer remote sales services for medium or big ticket goods and services that require explanation and potentially several “touches” to close? Browse
Do you provide KAM (key account management) resources to plan, develop and manage the full relationship of your clients’ most important customers? Browse
Do you provide expert advice to help your clients’ create or optimize their sales strategy, process, organisation, bid management, etc.? Browse
Do you develop and implement your clients’ channel strategy, incl. selecting, acquiring and managing channel partners, POS management etc.? Browse
Do you represent your clients’ products and services in a particular sales territory? Browse
Do you offer resources to operationalize sales, such as import/ export of goods, shipping & warehousing, or customer support? Browse

How it works

1Create your profile

Specify your sales expertise, your connections, and the services you offer in the locations you cover. Remember, your profile will remain completely anonymous until the moment when you're ready to publish.

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We'll match your profile to the requirements of companies looking for sales services – you can see those sales assignments straight away.

3Watch new opportunities roll in

If companies are interested, they'll approach you directly. Of course, you'll also be able to contact potential business partners yourself – and discover a world of opportunities!

What else you should know

Who is this for?

ExecuteSales is for individuals as well as agencies that provide sales services to companies. If you're looking to expand your sales outsourcing business and to stay abreast of new business opportunities, ExecuteSales is perfect for you. We cover a wide range of sales services such as:

  • Business development
  • Direct sales
  • Indirect sales
  • Inside sales/ demand generation
  • Sales support
  • Sales consulting

and many more.
Discover sales assignments from young start-ups, mid-sized companies or corporate powerhouses from across the globe.


How do I find and get the right sales assignments?

Outsourcing of all or elements of the sales function is an important decision for any business. Many companies are unaware that this option even exists, so you might need to help them take the first steps working with a sales partner. Please make sure you address the following points:

  • Create a strong profile: Provide as much detail as possible about your organisation and the different areas of your expertise, your business connections and your sales focus areas. The closer you match the requirements of a sales assignment, the higher your match score and your position in the ranking, and thus your chances of getting contacted by a company.
  • Emphasize your strong points: Adding Boosters to individual profile attributes slightly increases your match score. Not dramatically - we don't want to skew the results - but just enough to show that you place particular emphasis on certain parts of your profile. As a result, you'll appear higher in the match score ranking, which will help you win more clients.
  • Add references & request endorsements: Add references and ask your current and past business partners to endorse your work. This outside view lets potential new clients assess your strong track record.
  • Wait for opportunities to come in: ExecuteSales automatically recommends sales agencies to companies that match their sales assignments. In most instances, companies will approach several sales agencies before selecting a sales partner.
  • Actively seek out sales assignments: But you don't have to wait: ExecuteSales automatically recommends sales assignments to you that match your profile. Unlock the company's contact details and reach out to those that you consider particularly interesting.
  • Contracting: Once you and your future client have agreed to do business, it's time to put it down on paper. You likely have done this before, so you might be aware that in many countries (e.g. UK, Germany, USA) there are local laws governing certain aspects of sales outsourcing such as sales representation. Our advice is therefore to get a lawyer to help you draft your contract. Alternatively, you could use one of the many contract templates out there and have a lawyer review the final version. Please note that ExecuteSales does not currently provide any legal advice.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

Registering, searching and browsing, and even getting regular updates of sales assignment that suit your profile, are all entirely free. No hidden fees and no credit card required.

We'll only charge you when you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription that allows you to contact more companies, lets you create a more differentiated profile and more. See Pricing for details.

Payment itself is simple and stress free. At present you can use:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit

We'll send you a digital receipt per email.

High security standards is tested quarterly to ensure that high security standards are maintained, which significantly reduces the risk that this site will be compromised and credit card or other sensitive data will be stolen or misused.