About us

Why we started ExecuteSales

We created ExecuteSales with one goal in mind: to help companies and sales agencies generate new business and achieve higher sales revenues.

In our experience, even innovative companies with fantastic products and services can underperform or even fail because they don't manage their sales effectively. A basic challenge for many is building an adequately staffed and skilled sales agencies who can bring the right expertise and existing relationships to potential clients.

At the same time, many companies are becoming accustomed to working with 3rd parties to deliver key business processes. Consequently, enterprises are realizing the benefits of having sales agencies take over parts or all of the company's sales activities. Improved flexibility, greater scalability, reduced costs and access to special skills and relationships are just some of the reasons why businesses have begun focusing on outsourcing sales to service providers, either as complements to or replacements for their current in-house sales agencies..

Up until now, accessing this ever-growing pool of sales professionals hasn't been easy. The market is highly fragmented, with over 600,000 sales agencies in Europe and North America alone. In this marketplace, finding a sales agency that fits the company's requirements and demonstrates a strong track record is laborious and costly via the existing channels; finding one with relationships to and knowledge of specific target customers is practically impossible.

Sales agencies face even higher fragmentation on the buyer's side with over 12,000,000 potential client companies in North America and Europe - plus the unpredictability of demand at any point in time. Sales agencies need an efficient way of promoting their services, identifying new sales opportunities and generating new business.

In 2012 we set out to change the current status quo. We founded ExecuteSales to tackle these issues and to connect companies and sales agencies more efficiently than ever before by slashing the time, effort and costs required to get in touch with potential business partners.

What we do

ExecuteSales matches and connects companies and sales agencies.

With ExecuteSales, companies can identify sales agencies that fit their needs significantly faster and more accurately than with any other service on the market. This puts small and large companies in a position to rapidly build a sales agency to successfully grow and expand their business locally or internationally.

ExecuteSales also helps sales agencies grow their business. ExecuteSales enlarges the sales agencies' own sales funnel by increasing their exposure to potential local and international clients and sales assignment opportunities. From this larger funnel, these sales agencies can select the sales assignments most attractive to them.

Time is money in the sales world. Our goal is to put both parties in the position to quickly decide which offers are attractive and which ones are not. The faster you find the right partner, the faster you start generating sales.

How we do it

ExecuteSales provides a web-based platform that matches and connects companies and sales agencies. Our proprietary matching logic and our own unique, high quality data set allow us to quickly identify and suggest the best fit for each sales assignment. The results are presented in concise, attractive and easy-to-understand profiles that facilitate quick decision-making.

Our data sets are based on detailed profiles created for and tailored to the sales profession. Sales agencies describe their services, skills, expertise, and existing business relationships; companies describe their sales assignments and who they're looking for.

Professionalism and trust are a vital success factor for everybody taking part in ExecuteSales. Therefore, we've put many measures in place that foster the building of trusted business relationships, such as different levels of certification, a rating and review system, and much, much more.

Who we are

Randeep Wilkhu  / Co-Founder

British national and board member at Execute Sales Ltd, supporting with investor relations, human resources, sales and business development. Randeep has over 15 years of start-up and operational experience in software development, fund-raising, strategy, product management and business development. He is a Senior Investment Manager at Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments (previously T-Venture), investing in innovative business models and disruptive technology. He is currently a board member and investor at ExecuteSales, Smarkets, LevelUp, CallSign, and Boku.

Randeep founded his first company in 2001, Lookoutfor Ltd, which took advantage of the change in legislation regarding business listings, with a strong focus on self promotion, social and multi-language support. He has a strong interest in philanthropy venture capital and continues to play a strong role as an investor in the European venture scene.

Martin Peters  / Co-Founder

German national and co-founder of Execute Sales Ltd, leading product development and marketing. Martin has over 16 years of experience in strategy development, marketing and product management within the internet and mobile industry. Prior to founding ExecuteSales, he developed the international mobile search and advertising business for Deutsche Telekom. Previous professional work also includes management consulting with a hi-tech industry focus as well as IT consulting and software development.

Martin has extensive experience managing distributed multi-cultural teams and started his first web-based venture "Competence Networks" in 1997 after graduating from EAP (now ESCP) with a Masters in International Management and a DiplĂ´me de Grande Ecole.